Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Come and See. Go and Tell."

Bishop’s Malaria Log – 3

October 16      Mosquito bite #8 on back of left hand
                        9 pm Luanda   Pill #8

Burl Kreps visits President Santos

Tuesday we received word that the President of Angola, José Santos, has invited Rocky Mountain retired pastor, and former missionary to Angola (1955-1957), Rev. Burl Kreps to visit him in the capital tomorrow.  Rev. Kreps will accompany Bishop Gaspar Domingos of the West Angola Annual Conference on this visit to the President.  It is a great honor for Burl, and a great opportunity to share the goals of Imagine No Malaria with the president.  As a young missionary, Burl coached a basketball team Mr. Santos played on – another example of how missionaries form relationships that open doors for decades after the service end.

Rev. Burl Kreps

Radio Kairos, 98.4 FM, Luanda

The West Angola Annual Conference partnered with United Methodist Communications (UMCOM) to open a United Methodist run radio station in Luanda in September.  With the latest technology, it broadcasts some general news and sports, as well as general Christian content and some specifically United Methodist information.  The station recently broadcast Bishop Brown’s sermon at the West Angolan Annual Conference session last week.  Bishop Stanovsky and Gary Henderson from UMCOM were interviewed about the net distribution in Bom Jesus.  Burl gave an interview about his history in Angola.

Where is your brother?

Bishop Domingos has challenged churches in the capital, Luanda, to partner with churches in the remote provinces.  “The city church becomes like a God parent to the smaller church,” the bishop says.  For example, Central UMC in Luanda, helped build a new church building in Soyo.  Part of the purpose is to ensure that the United Methodist gives a robust and attractive impression in every community.  One provincial governor who is not a member of the church gave $150,000 to build a United Methodist Church in his province because he knows of our beneficial work.  This building has become an important ecumenical center for the region.   Rev. Adilsson Neto, senior pastor of Central UMC reports that they have postponed improvements to Central’s sanctuaries because they are committed to their partner churches through “Where is your brother?”

Angola volunteers

Bishop Domingos’ message to American United Methodists

Come and See.  Go and Tell.

In a final meeting with American visitors Bishop Domingos explained that this delegation is very rare in Angola.  Unlike many countries in Africa, and other parts of the world, very few American United Methodists have come to Angola.  Eleven Americans from the Mountain Sky Area, the General Board of Global Ministries and United Methodist Communications/Imagine No Malaria have brought great hope to Angolan United Methodists, Bishop Domingos said.  “You have come and seen our people and their needs.  Now go and tell.  And come back.” 

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